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SOME people seem to deplore what they regard as
the anarchy of ideas and systems which exists in
the world at large, and even within a single university
at the present day. They regret the lack of tiSat uni-
formity of Christian outlook which characterised the
Middle Ages ; or they hanker after the kind of unanimi-
ties that are supposed to underlie a Communist order.
Romanticising about the harmony of a regime in which
there exists this happy agreement about fundamentals,
they close their eyes, however, to the ugliness of the
methods by which such a system has to be achieved.
They overlook the fact that perhaps only at certain
periods in the history of a civilisation can such a thing
be regarded as achievable at all.

One important fact seems to condition the history of
modern thoughtó& fact that is rooted in die very
constitution of the universe. It is the fact that unanimity
is easy to reach amongst human beings on concrete